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35 years of experience in furniture, spanning three professional generations

5 years quality guarantee - Own manufacturing

Welcome to our company Hika Decoration, a company devoted to the design of kitchens and wardrobes as well as to the interior decoration. We count on an own workshop suitable to carry out our projects and on a specialized staff in different fields: manufacture, assembly, customer service, artistic advice and business management.

We are settled in the province of Segovia, which is not an obstacle to make works in other locations, especially within Madrid, Ávila and Valladolid radious. We are backed up by three generations of experience, what allow us to propose a five years guarantee of our products.

We work with high quality products to find the perfect finishing desired by the customer, besides of adapting ourselves to his/her needs and resources. Our design and artistic advising is linked and updated with the last trends of interior furniture, kitchens and wardrobes market, both of national and international line, which make us to be in the vanguard of the last technical and aesthetics advances.


Hika provides customized kitchens, with the best designs and finishes

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Before the kitchen is finished and ready for its use, there is a process to reach it. Each step of this process must be studied, analyzed and understood to obtain the wanted result. To that end, we count on the specialized staff and the enough experience for you to put your trust in us. This process starts with the personalized attention to each customer and the consideration of his/her proposal. In this way, when the kitchen is finished off, the customer feels himself/herself participant in its design. This is added to our professional orientation to get the best possible performance, together with aesthetics appropriate to our customer tastes.

In our workshops we turn on the needed machinery to get the wanted design and that each piece is studied and treated in line with the whole, so that the assembly of the kitchen is as accurate and precise as possible. With all of this, we make the customer feel satisfied with his/her investment.

Main characteristics of our kitchens:

Finishings in fronts of kitchen’s furnitures:

Finishing for the inside of kitchen’s furniture:

We remodel those parts of your kitchen that are in poor condition, as countertops, sinks, faucets, appliance replacement.

Kitchens kit under our supervision and guidance.


Electrical appliances:

Wardrobes and dressers

We seek innovation in the outside finishes by working with wood, lacquers, glasses, printings and textures

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We are the only manufacturer in Segovia which designs and makes the wardrobe made to measure in its entirety.

We seek innovation in the outside finishes by working with:

In the insides we use neutral-colored melamines or wood, equipping them with all removable accessories desired by the customer, such as:

With all of this, we obtain wardrobes on request that satisfy our customers and allow us to provide guarantee seal in the quality and reliability of our products.


Restoration - New pieces

After three generations devoted to the world of cabinetmaking and furniture in general, we feel capable of satisfying our customer’s orders, which require new creation furniture in vintage, country, classic and minimalist style.

We count on an own team, consisting of cabinetmakers, artistic advising staff and interior designers.

Our works are made in high quality woods, defending especially those indigenous species, such as Valsaín pine tree, which gives our works guarantee of origin and quality mark.

These pieces are adapted for the customers’ demands, so we make from small side tables to wall silversmith and umbrella stands. With this we refer to the fact that we can create the furniture you wish from scratch, with the measures you want and the finish you choose.


Furniture restoration is a field that only can be dealt with by a good professional with the enough experience. We are perfectly qualified to put ourselves on that level and restore to its original state that lost furniture that, because of its state, is shut up in the junk room.

There are many pieces that have been recovered by us during these years. Each one has required an analysis and a valuation of its original state, together with a studied restoration proposal and respecting the furniture as much as possible. To carry this out, we count on the particular advice of the artistic staff and of very experienced restorers, and the needed machinery and material to manage this work, such as the specific treatment of woods, sizes, turnings and polychromies.


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